Artflakes and stuff…


I recently joined artflakes, a young online art platform that enables artists to sell high quality prints and other products of their work. On the other hand, if you’re interested in buying art work, they offer you a well organized database of fine art work for you to choose from. I created a little profile here yesterday and so far it all looks very good and pricing is also ok. They are based in Germany, but ship worldwide. The picture above is taken from their website and shows an example product. You will find more of my photos there soon. Hope you have some time to check it out.

Now something else, I stumbled upon this photo contest. Nothing huge, but the first prize is a 10 day road trip in Scotland and I would love to go to Scotland. So, if you like my pictures you can vote for them here.  Click next to see 3 more of my pictures. You might have to put in some numbers first to verify you’re of legal drinking age and then it loses the link to my picture. If you want to vote, put in the numbers and then click the link again, it should take you to the actual picture. Thanks for voting! :)

Oh, and I recently got the new iPhone and started using instagram which seems like a lot of fun. If you’re on instagram too follow me @shoepner.

I think that’s all I had to say. Hope you have a good weekend!



I’m usually pretty decisive regarding the question whether to put an image in black and white or keep it in color.  But this one is actually giving me a hard time… The colors came out real shiny and I kinda felt bad getting rid of them. But then, the color version reminded me too much of a Windows desktop background image, so I tried black and white and I think that’s more of my taste. Long story short, my conclusion to this is, as much as it hurts sometimes to lose all those beautiful colors, I think they’re not in vain. You often need great colors to get a great black and white conversion.

Now, back to the not so fun work… have a good week, everyone!