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Film, Holga

I finally received my new medium format film camera today, a Pentacon Six Tl. I know, I’m a little nuts with all my cameras. Can’t wait to play with it some more and see the results. Anyway, thinking of medium format made me go through my holga shots from California and I dug this one out, shot in PB…

11am – 8pm

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Shot with the Holga somewhere in the desert in California. Whatever it is, it sure was not open. Neither was anything else around in the area, it seemed.

As much as I love being back in Germany, I sure miss the variety of awesome photo opportunities we’ve had the last years, on the west coast as much as on the east coast. The freedom to just go out and shoot whenever, with a high chance of getting some good – or at least interesting – photos. I can’t seem to get it here, “at home”, where everything is the way I’ve always known it. But then again, it might just be me lacking of inspiration by the ordinary, the ordinary to me that is.

Downtown El Centro

California, Film, Holga

Welcome to El Centro, a desert city located in the very south of California, just across the border from Mexicali. With an unemployment rate of 30.4% in September 2010, it is the city with the highest unemployment rate in the US – probably one of the reasons El Centro is listed #1 on the unofficial list of the 10 worst cities to live in.

We had never actually heard anything about El Centro, when we pretty much accidentally drove through it one day during the summer. It did look like a lot of people had moved away and it seemed abandoned and kinda ghosty, when I walked through the downtown area to take some Holga shots. Anyway, see the building on the right in the top picture? Check this out, the bottom one gives you a closer look. I don’t remember paying attention to the sign on the building when I took this. Turns out it’s a mortuary. Makes it even more ghosty to me now… don’t you think?

Check out the street view too.

What happened…

Film, Holga

… to the Holga euphoria?? I have exposed film rolls sitting around here for weeks now… or months? I don’t even have any clue what’s on it – which hopefully adds to the surprise factor once I get them developed.

I shall bring them in today and then take my Holga out for a walk…

Ocean Breeze

California, Film, Holga

I just looked at the latest of my blog entries and noticed that they’re mostly about beach and ocean. I hope it’s not getting boring, because for me it isn’t. I can barely go to the beach without taking my camera and using it. Yeah, the ocean doesn’t change much and I have tons of pictures of it that pretty much look the same, but I appreciate every moment I can be at the beach and look at the ocean and breath in some fresh ocean air and I just feel like I have to capture these moments. Ok, this might sound a bit cheesy now and I have to admit I might be overreacting a bit due to the terrible oil disaster that is happening in the gulf. For those of you who haven’t seen this visualization, this page gives you a good idea of how huge the oil spill has gotten: It just baffles me – probably just like everyone else – that obviously no one ever thought about this possibly happening and how to actually fix it. I would have thought that if you are smart enough to figure out everything you need to know for underwater oil drilling and make it actually happen, you should have a back up plan for a situation like this better than just wait till it actually happens and then figure out what options there are, while watching millions of liters of oil stream out of a hole for weeks.

Happy little accidents

California, Film, Holga

So, the last film looked kinda funny when I took it out of the Holga. It obviously wasn’t rolled up tight enough for the light not to get through it and I expected the whole film to be ruined. Turned out, it actually looks pretty cool, at least to me. These are my two favorite accidents of this roll shot in Venice Beach.

I have no clue what happened in there. I’m sure some of you have an idea. Feel free to share! :-)

Afternoon surf


Slowly starting to get addicted to the Holga. I love the results, as shitty as some of them are. It’s really relieving not having to deal with a bounch of settings and all that. Plus, the whole process is just too exciting. Well, I think I’ve talked about it enough already. It might just be a phase, but Oli and I are just really having fun with our Holgas right now and our SLRs are almost being neglected. Check out his shots:

Many more beach pics to come… :-)