bingo night


Took this during bingo night at the american legion last week. Erin and I go there to play every time I visit. And this place has always kind of fascinated me. Probably because it’s so different from what I usually get to see. I don’t know. It’s like a different world in there. So many characters who make you wonder what their story is. Well, I ended up going back there another night just to take pictures. They were all pretty excited about it. Well, most of them. Anyway, more to come.

misty coast

Life, Nature, oregon, travel

Here’s a first photo from our road trip along the amazing Oregon coast. This one was taken at Cape Kiwanda. When we got there we could barely see the ocean because it was so misty and we seriously thought the Voodoo doughnuts we had shortly before did something to us. ;-) Well, the fog cleared up pretty quick and a minute later this view looked more like this.

Now we have left the coast and are all set to leave the civilized world for 5 days and are headed to Black Rock City tomorrow. Can’t wait for this otherworldly experience. Hope I will have lots of photos and memories to share afterwards.

something’s on her mind

California, Life

Sometimes I go through my archive and photos that never did anything for me suddenly catch my eye. This is one of them. It’s from San Francisco, Thanksgiving 2010.

So, on friday I am travelling to the US again. East coast first. I am so excited. It’s been 3 years and there are so many great memories to recall. I have a feeling this may get very emotional. Oli is already there and after a week we will fly to the west coast. We planned a little road trip that will lead us to the desert of Nevada, to Black Rock City. This will be my first time at the Burning Man Festival and you can’t believe how excited I am about this. After that, Oli and I will kiss each other good bye and go different directions. He’s going to Hawaii, but I thought “Hawaii? Naaaah! I’m going to Oklahoma!” So yes, I am skipping Hawaii to see my good friends in Oklahoma, who I also like to refer to as my oklahomies.