same time same place


From our easter trip to Ruegen. After a one hour hike in the cold on slippery walk ways through the woods and down the super steep cliff, this view was quite a treat.

As cold as it is these days I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still snowing there.

don’t you cherish me to sleep


From our easter trip to the island Rügen.

Now, I have been really lazy with posting lately and I realize this blog needs some serious love. Hopefully I will find some time for this soon. In the meantime, check out my new portrait slash wedding photography website: The intention behind this new website was to separate the people photography from my travel and art images. Hence, I will continue blogging and posting about our travels and things of interest here. Wedding photos, baby photos, family photos etc. will be up on the soul season blog. Hope you like it.

bandon beach

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My mind has been so busy with Burning Man that I almost forgot about the beautiful things we saw shortly before. This was at Bandon Beach in Oregon. It was raining all day while we were driving down there. By the time we arrived the rain slowed down and the conditions were (almost) perfect for our taste. We spent quite some time out there.

misty coast

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Here’s a first photo from our road trip along the amazing Oregon coast. This one was taken at Cape Kiwanda. When we got there we could barely see the ocean because it was so misty and we seriously thought the Voodoo doughnuts we had shortly before did something to us. ;-) Well, the fog cleared up pretty quick and a minute later this view looked more like this.

Now we have left the coast and are all set to leave the civilized world for 5 days and are headed to Black Rock City tomorrow. Can’t wait for this otherworldly experience. Hope I will have lots of photos and memories to share afterwards.