emma & ryan


In case you don’t know them yet, these are my friend Erin’s two little ones, Emma and Ryan. They are very special to me. I’m so glad I got the chance to catch up with them and see them again before they grow even more. And so happy I could capture a part of this phase of their childhood. As you can see, Emma is obsessed with her brother. He’s just the coolest thing ever and she follows him everywhere! Well, I know how it is. Big brothers rock. Ah… most of the time at least! ;-)

A few more shots on my facebook page.

alison & thomas


So, usually whenever I meet with Thomas we are both carrying a camera in our hands and are trying to find something interesting to photograph. This time, instead of his camera, he brought his beautiful fiancé Alison and we took some engagement photos. In a 100 degree weather! Was still a lot of fun. Again, all the best to you two!


tina & david


Had a fun time with these two shooting their wedding portraits. What you don’t see in these pictures is that minutes before it was raining like crazy and I got completely soaked during the first attempt of a portrait shoot. But I found it actually quite fun running barefoot through the pouring rain. Fortunately, Tina & David stayed dry taking cover underneath a tree and waiting for me to pick them up with the car. This was before church, so they weren’t really ready for a trash-the-dress shoot yet. Well eventually, the sun came back out and I think we got some beautiful results. These are only a few favorites. A few more on the facebook page.


alicia & mark


I am very excited to share these pictures of Alicia and Mark’s wonderful multiculti wedding. People from so many different cultures came together to celebrate their love and just have a good time. So much fun!

I am also very excited to announce my new photography facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/stefanie.hoepner.photographie
Go check it out and make sure you like it if you like it! (Btw, if you haven’t got enough of Alicia and Mark’s wedding, you will find more pictures there!)


miriam & gernot


I have meant to post these pictures of Miriam & Gernot’s (rainy) wedding for weeks now, but I’ve always gotten busy with the next wedding. So, here they are. I love the calm and romanticism in them. Mostly black and white.