snow shoot

Jan 27 2013

collaboration roll double exposures

Jan 14 2013

My friend Klaus Leuschner and I have been shooting collaboration rolls lately. One of us shoots a roll of film, sends it to the other one, then it just sits there for a month or two before the other one rolls back the film and shoots over it again. Here are two of my favorite results from the latest roll.

Neil Halstead

Dec 21 2012

At the Brotfabfrik in Frankfurt last night. Loving small venues like this.

feels like yesterday

Dec 08 2012

From Tokyo.

always be yourself

Nov 01 2012

Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

Burning Man 2012.

a day can get so long

Oct 28 2012

Another rainy picture from Tokyo.


Oct 25 2012

waiting for the walk signal…

when the day is done

Oct 21 2012

We are back from Tokyo. Had a great time exploring the city. The overall impression I got from Tokyo is that it is so different from all the other big cities I’ve been to. Despite the fact that it is the biggest city in the world – or biggest urban area however – it is amazingly quiet, well organized, clean and safe. Anyway, many more pictures to come.

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