Burning Man

So, Burning Man is coming up soon and it kind of aches my heart that we can’t make it this year. We thought about going spontaneously the other day, but it’s just such an incredible overhead and cost travelling to Burning Man from Germany. Can’t really afford doing this every year. I’m looking forward to all the photos from this year’s Burning Man, all the cool art and people. I will be posting photos from last year in the meantime, looking forward to next year’s adventure. :)

same time same place


From our easter trip to Ruegen. After a one hour hike in the cold on slippery walk ways through the woods and down the super steep cliff, this view was quite a treat.

As cold as it is these days I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still snowing there.

don’t you cherish me to sleep


From our easter trip to the island Rügen.

Now, I have been really lazy with posting lately and I realize this blog needs some serious love. Hopefully I will find some time for this soon. In the meantime, check out my new portrait slash wedding photography website: www.soulseasonphoto.com. The intention behind this new website was to separate the people photography from my travel and art images. Hence, I will continue blogging and posting about our travels and things of interest here. Wedding photos, baby photos, family photos etc. will be up on the soul season blog. Hope you like it.